“Sunflower – A Happy Flower”

Experiences are created together. It is with collaboration, creativity and passion that the world becomes beautiful.

Steven Kent Winery is a great reminder of this. Our Second Annual Happy Kids Wine has officially been poured, sipped and assessed by Steven Kent Winery Collector’s Circle. The Verdict?! Delicious : )

Get your exclusive bottle here (link in insta profile bio as well):

More info:
Steven Kent Winery (SKW) Collector’s Circle features small-lot wines largely from Italian and Rhone origin – now featuring a social-impact wine – 100% Petit Sirah from the Ghielmetti Estate Vineyard with a label designed by our very own Happy Kid from Ghana: Michael Ayitey, 12 years old.

Happy Kids Foundation + Steven Kent Winery hold annual “business class” contest in Ghana where our participating kiddos design a flashcard of an image that represents how they feel at Happy Kids. The participating designers present to their classmates and caregivers – explaining the meaning of their design – one design is selected and made into the label which hugs a very delicious, charitable wine each year.

“Sunflower – a Happy Flower” wine is available for purchase, and a portion of the sales proceeds will be dedicated to Happy Kids.

The label is designed by Michael Ayitey, a 12 yrs. old Happy Kids boy who loves to sing, dance and play uno. He joined Happy Kids 3 years ago, and we’ve been raising him ever since.