All children should have the opportunity to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to break the cycle of poverty, raise healthier families, and help build their communities.

A quality education is the basis for a productive life, and we work especially hard to train our teachers and inspire our students. Globally, there are 58 million children that are not able to go to school. Accessing education is particularly difficult for vulnerable girls born into poor communities. As a child grows older, the fight to get an education becomes even harder. His or her family must be willing to pay school fees. That child risks long, often unsafe walks to school. If she is a girl, she is much more likely to be forced to marry at a young age. And that child will often lack access to healthcare and the support he or she needs to learn.Nusem

To address this, the Happy Kids School educates 200 vulnerable children every day. With a staff of 18 teachers, children are taught from nursery age up to junior high. The school originally lacked the resources, skills and staffing to properly educate the children, and as such many students are still behind academically.


We are still working to improve the educational quality of the school, namely through building teacher capacity around literacy and numeracy skills, strengthening the ability of our school administrators, and encouraging Parent Teacher Associations to support students and staff. The school also teaches in English, and focuses on literacy activities. We are sure to engage our children and staff in workshops in gender equality, first aid, and HIV/aids prevention. Through the use of the internet cafe, we are working to implement technology that broadens our students horizons.

The school follows the Ghanaian curriculum, with additional international resources typically being implemented into lesson planning. The classes are also engaged in practicums including IT classes in the internet café and farming practicums.



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