As a small organization, Happy Kids relies on the passionate and dedicated voices of others to spread our cause. We are constantly seeking out individuals who are willing to help improve the lives of the children and the community, both internationally and in Ghana.

You can become a Happy Kids Ambassador by sending an email to friends and family, holding a fundraiser in your local town, or even volunteering with us in Ghana.

Step 1

Learn About Us

Contact us to learn about how you can get involved to improve the lives of our kids 

Step 2

Spread The Word

Use your voice to raise awareness for our cause by sending an email to friends and family

Step 3

Hold a Fundraiser

Easily organise a local fundraiser through your school, family and friends, or in your community

Step 4

Volunteer in Ghana

Volunteers work on pre-determined projects and tasks based on their skills and interests, and provided much needed love and care to the kids