New Boys Home!

We are in an exciting state of expansion and infrastructure growth, here’s a bit of why and how:

Since losing 50% of our land where HK original home and nursery is, we’ve had to exist and operate with the same number of children and staff in a far too confined space. (Losing part of our property meant we lost our after school center and 2 bedrooms plus open areas) Our 20-30 boys who are in our care full time and 90 little nursery student kiddos + some of Ghana management have been existing in the same space to eat, sleep, shower, use toilets, do chores, laundry, study, and on top of it all, run a nursery! Our wildlife sustainability projects, sewing and dance, sanitation challenges and more – they’ve all been compounded due to our capacity.

The boys were frustrated sharing their home, especially with such a young age group of kids who can be hard to contain! Nursery kids suffered because they didn’t have proper infrastructure. Previous fundraisers have improved nursery greatly but space has always been an issue. All of this is about to change thanks to Memento Mori Winery and their incredible donation earlier this year. Using part of the funds, we are able to rent and furnish this beautiful house for the boys.

Our plans also include renovating the existing house to better suit the nursery and turn it into a dedicated school.
Our nursery students attend for the day only and live in the care of their families – some of the family members pay school fees, so it is a good source of local investment and sustainability impact for HK.

The new house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a kitchen, a small dining space, and a big living room. We are taking this opportunity to educate the kids on all that’s going on – what is a lease? what is a construction budget and plan? How are the repairs made? What does it cost?

This project has been mission critical for some time now, but with our restricted budget, we had to make do with existing conditions. A huge THANK YOU to Memento Mori Winery for making this dream a reality! Everyone at HK is extremely grateful and excited to see what is in store for our new nursery school and boarding house!