Career Talk for our Junior High Students!

As our children get older, we are faced with new challenges – including introducing them to the real world after graduation. Happy Kids helped organize a career talk forum for Junior High Students from three local schools to help them on their path as they begin to consider their future.

Our guests included a local radio personality, known to our students, who showed up and shared information about careers in broadcasting. A nutritionist spoke on the importance of guiding and educating people on healthy eating and living. Our Dr. Victor who helps Happy Kids, gave an inspiring speech and shared his experience of helping the inmates at the prison. A graduate student named Ethel gave a powerful speech on reaching for more and continuing with higher education. An officer in the U.S. Navy traveled to Hohoe to speak about being an engineer on a submarine. A top professional in the IT world in Ghana also spoke about the IT industry.

Thanks to the E.P. School for lending their church for the venue and Happy Kids’ management team for organizing the event. Members of the community were welcomed and we were happy to see some parents coming to listen too!