Launching the First Girls Soccer League

We’re thrilled the announce that we’re planning to launch the first girls soccer league in Ghana.

In 2014, Happy Kids and Della partnered to launch the Volta Charity Soccer League. VCL addressed a critical issue for vulnerable and orphaned children, in that most are not able to access or participate in organised sports. VCL created linkages between 8 different orphanages and schools, and empowered both children and the institutions that serve them. Game days became all of the Happy Kids favourite days, as the boys would line up and prepare to play, while the girls sat and cheered for them.

During the christmas season this last year, we were all sitting in the park reading stories and playing books, when one of our youngest girls ran up to the boys playing soccer and stole the ball. She rushed toward the makeshift goal made out of two cement blocks, struck the ball and scored. The boys scoffed and laughed, and commented that girls can’t play soccer. The girls and I stood up and replied,

 Who says girls can’t play soccer?

From that, we planned to play our first girls game. This scrimmage, which was held just between Happy Kids girls, showed everyone in the Gbi-Wegbe town that girls can play. The girls, emboldened and excited, loved the act of playing and asked us if they can play more often. After doing research, we realised that Ghana doesn’t have any existing organised league for young girls.


The Girls Soccer League will be the first of its kind in Ghana. Similar to VCL, we will bring together various orphanages and institutions to compete. However, this will be a different and more difficult project, given that we will need to educate and sensitise communities on the ability and need for girls to be able to play. We will have to supply all of the gear required for playing teams, as well as snacks and refreshments.

We need financial resources, material donations and partnerships to make this happen. Will you join us?

If you’re interested in helping, contact Kelsey directly at [email protected]